Bring your friends to the party with Ubisoft Nano!

Bring your friends to the party with Ubisoft Nano! Experience an instant burst of arcade fun on any screen, with Ubisoft Nano ’s new and growing collection of Multiplayer Free Fun-sized Instant Games based on Ubisoft beloved worlds on!
Accessible and enjoyable to everyone, Ubisoft Nano games are lively and easy to pick up, and designed to bring instant arcade gaming fun to fans of Ubisoft characters, Hypercasual gamers and live-multiplayer aficionados, on mobile and desktop.
Play, share & party live with millions of players from the four corners of the world with Ubisoft Nano!

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Rabbids Wild Race

Join the Rabbids Wild Race! Dress up your Rabbid and put your jetpack! Fly as far as you can before the other Rabbids and don’t forget to collect stars! Rabbids Wild Race is an online multiplayer game that everyone can play for free. Join this running adventure and enjoy your time competing with other players.
Customize your Rabbid outfit with unique items! Win the race by avoiding obstacles and bouncing off other naughty rabbids to prevent them from winning.

Trackmania Blitz

Compete against the world's fastest pilots in this ultimate speed challenge: TrackMania Blitz!
TrackMania Blitz is a free online game based on the classic Ubisoft franchise TrackMania. Play this fast & challenging top-down 2D live multiplayer racer right now! Connect with 15 other players and show off your wheel skills: win races filled with turbo boosts, loops and insane jumps. Be the first to finish the race by performing precision turns, high speed jumps and eliminating other players. Challenge your friends to a high-speed elimination race!
Beat world records in the global leaderboard!

Hungry Shark Arena

Join the ultimate shark battle royale ! Hungry Shark Arena is a free online multiplayer game which takes you on an insane war for ocean dominance. Hunt everything that moves! Destroy other players and grow bigger!
Decimate other players! Dominate the ocean and stay on top of the food chain.
Survive at any costs and devour or be devoured!